Steam – Museum of the Great Western Railway

The Museum of the Great Western Railway also referred to as the Swindon Stream Railway Museum, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Swindon, England. This tourist attraction is located at the Swindon railway works site in England. The Museum was launched in 2000 as a replacement for the GWR Museum on Faringdon Road in Swindon, England.

One of the most outstanding features of the Museum of the Great Western Railway is railway engine exhibits. The landmark takes pride in the fact that it tells a social story about the railway community in Swindon. The Museum features recordings of personal experiences and film archives that help to tell this story. The story is also described in lifelike exhibits that show human interactions and people at work.Additionally, the Museum also features exhibits explaining the making of locomotives. The shows also describe the construction of railway equipment and the railway in general. This is the best place to learn about the history of the Great Western Railway. It also features exhibits detailing Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s life, the mastermind behind the Great Western Railway, and one of the most famous engineers in the Victorian era.

In addition to the numerous hands-on exhibits, this tourist attraction also provides personal insights into the exhibitions. The insights are given by ex-railway workers who are enthusiastic about the market and all that the Museum offers.

Other than the exhibits, the Museum also features an archive of books, drawings, plans, and periodicals related to the Great Western Railway.

The Museum recently announced that it would be hosting virtual tours of STEAM’s displays and exhibitions. The time included a 360-degree virtual view of all the Museum elements, including interactive games and original film footage.

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